those born in veraval ... as per a gujju legend ..
he's from veraval ... he must be a chutiya
by akalmand April 28, 2009
chutia is nothing but foolish indicating word.
by Anonymous October 9, 2003
gujarati word for a mooch, or someone who annoys the crap out of you by using all your stuff with or without asking.
olo chokro kevo chutiya che, mara badha paisa lidho!
by gujumonkey May 14, 2006
Mild expletive in Hindi. Not offensive among friends and very handy while driving on Indian roads.
*Dumb pedestrian crossing the road while the signal is red*
Truck Driver(laughing): Yeh Chutiya kahan jaa raha hai, isko jannat ki sair kara deta hoon (Where the fuck is this asshole trying to go, let me send him to heaven)
*Runs the pedestrian over*
by Makkhan Singh Truck Wala October 6, 2004
Indian version of calling a person Dumbass
He doesn't even know to drive.Chutiya.!
by Ojhi June 17, 2015
A uniquely Indian expletive, endearing and rather harmless compared to other abuses, classifies the recipient as either an idiot, or an ignoramus or someone behaving stupidly. Derived from Chut, hindi for vagina.
Chut maare chutiya, lund moot mein jaye
Akalmand to gand mare, lund bhi halwa khaye
by Expert March 7, 2005
Someone who searches their name on urban dictionary to feel good about themselves
Wo behenchod ko dekh urban dictionary pr naam search krke story daal ra pura chutiya he hai
by Hahahatmkc June 10, 2019