a universal addressing code for referring to a annoying or irritating object
kya chutiya book hai.
abe chutiya hai kya.
by iimk August 5, 2003
chutiya is a pony tail, pig tail or a braid. And if you're believe this, you qualify as a chutiya ;-)
Teri chutiya mein gajra lagaa doon...
Teri choot ka makkhan banaa doo...
by Plutonium August 5, 2003
someone who reads all the time. lies about flunking but tops in the exams. thereby giving other normal people enormous stress.
YEh chutiya saala top karega
by bhoot December 12, 2010
this is not hindi for fucker! many people this is.. this is wrong! This simply means an ass, a donkey
chutiye! dikhai nahi deta?

(u ass! cant u see?)
by Siris July 9, 2005
one born out of the choot - i.e.- a pussy. So every person naturally entering the world through his mom's vagina is a chutiya.
by aiyar July 29, 2003
A simple hindi word for stupid ..
Kya chutiya ho gaya hai ( Are you stupid)
by Jai July 5, 2003