It's a hindi-urdu word derived from the word "CHUT"*vagina* and means asshole.
It has a vast usage and can be interpreted differently in different occasions.
Among friends its usually used a friendly jibe.But if its said to some random person..its either considered and highly defiling insult.
(among friends)
friend 1:bhai log jana parega ab bula rahi hai.
other friends 2: iss jaisa chutia dost kisi ko na mile gf ke liye dosto ko bhul jata hai.

(insulting manner)
A random guy hits someone on the road and instead of apologising starts to get angry at the person he hits.
random comments on the scene:kya chutia aadmi hai..khud galti karke dusre par gussa ho raha hai
by Dario_AD June 22, 2016
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