Person who likes chut(cunt) is chutia.
Also a person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy &/or an ass whole is a big chutia.
Chut maroo, bhujiya khao...
Do u mofo's think I'm a chutia..??
by poopnyohat October 4, 2005
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Word CHUTIA literally means, a person (male) who poses a CHUT (female vagina), meaning who is having a character of a female (blond character) rather then male. The literal meaning has been changed to signify other character, which are parallel to English words like idiot, fool, dumb ass, asshole etc, best parallel is Asshole.
Mr. A thinks he is the smartest person in this world but he is CHUTIA no. 1
by lvlafia October 11, 2006
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very popular hindi slang referring to an arsehole / dickhead / loser in life / generally idiotic person..
1. this guy listens to indi-pop.. such a chutia in life!!

2. if u have read till here, ure definitely a chutia.
by ancienT killeR May 12, 2008
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From what I have heard from a very reliable indian source (PN), this word means pussy whipped cunt, the shortened version CHUT meaning cunt, adding the IA transfors it into a pussy whipped cunt....
Guy to friend after getting married: You cant come to the bar tonight?, You are a CHUTIA !!!!!
by MC January 21, 2004
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A person who fucks there in-law.
countries of orgin Pakistan and India.
you sala chutia fucked your inlaw
by mjr0475 February 7, 2009
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The Urdu word for "douche bag," literally means 'cleaning of the vagina.'
Wow, that guy really looks like an Indian gigolo with all that gold he's wearing over his polo-shirt. What a chutia safai!
by Eyeconspicuous September 4, 2010
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The day when abhinav and swapnil were born is considered as one of the worst days in human history and have been officially declared as world chutiya day
by The will of D June 19, 2022
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