A corporation masquerading as a religion and only succeeding as a cult; a major bringer of lulz unless they're killing off members of their congregation or disconnecting families. Lovers of free speech unless the free speech is being used against them, in which case they will stalk you and sue your ass faster than a fat kid pissed at McDonalds. Run by a midget who is BFF with Tom Cruise. Exists to give members of Chanology something to do other than sit around and fap all day. Their religion runs towards asking for moar monies and making fields of wildflowers for Tom Cruise to run through.

Also, they hate the gays.
The Church of Scientology defines scientology as "the study of truth." The rest of the world defines them as masters of the footbullet.
by PQ David May 22, 2008
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An organization the controls the minds of its members. This organization has a goal of making money. The organization charges its members for "religous" lessons to the point where all the members funds are given to the organization.

The organization has a history of attempting to intimidate those who oppose the organization via the internet as well as in the courts through unfounded law suits.

The members of this organization believe that its members problems are caused by the spirits of space aliens that were planted on this planet by and alien ruler "Xenu". The goal is to "clear" the member and get rid of the spirits, thus solving all of their problems. The cost to be cleared is said to be well over $300,000.

This organization is thought by many to be a dangerous cult. The mind control techniques are very effective and many do not leave the organization until the end of their lives.

Recent actions by a group known as anonymous have brought the cult into light in the past year.
The Church of Scientology brainwashed my brother and took all his money.
by anonymouscult January 16, 2009
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Probably the only meme that got old the very first day it was released. It refers to Tom Cruise's crazy Scientology video that got removed from YouTube with the text "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Church of Scientology International"
random dude: Tom Cruse sure is crazy eh?
noob: This comment is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Church of Scientology International
random dude: God damn, that meme got old yesterday
by Jason Brandt January 21, 2008
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