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Someone who has no life beyond church.
OMG!! I'm going to the church dinner tomorrow! I can't come over, i have to go to church. Forgive me God for not praising you today.
by al;dfjla;sjfd January 25, 2004
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Any person not knowings anything but going to church, attending church events and programs, singing churchy songs, dressing like yuppies, never doing anything wrong (according to the Bible) and don't want anything to do with those not of their same belief. They only go on mission trips that go to other Christian areas and with other churches that have the same belief system.
A church on 9600 E. Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98664...where there's huge number full of church freaks who know nothing else but going to church, attending churchy events and shunning those that don't agree with their ideas.
by Dave The Symphony April 27, 2011
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