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Emphasize the "ng"s when pronouncing.

1. An Asian who seems to never stop studying or caring for school or is always studying way more than he/she should. This includes (but is not limited to) one that would make flash cards for everything and anything, asks unnecessary questions in class, is a teacher's pet/suckup, and/or follows every single rule and also tries to enforce them. Note: He/She does not have to get good grades to be a chung bong AND a white "chung bong" would be called a tonguelick as "chung bong"s can only be Asian.

2. An Asian who has extremely squinty eyes and/or looks like they are pissed off all the time.
Example for definition 1...:
She is such a chung bong. Seriously, everyday she is always studying for math and english and history and science and everything; It's almost as if she has no life. She even has her teacher's phone number to call if she needs help with something!

Example for definition 2...:
Haha... That student aid is such a chung bong. Look at her squinty eyes. The first thing I think of when I see her is "Chung Bong"...
by TheWokman April 08, 2008
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