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adj. a female who is thinner than what an average person would call skinny.

a desired female type by some men, the quest for "chune skinny" might cause anorexia, but anorexic girls are disqualified from being chune skinny. Chune skinny girls are healthy.
- dude, check her out, she's chune skinny!
- no, dude. she's skinny, but not chune skinny.
- you're right you should be able to see her hipbones by just looking at her midriff.

- paris hilton is chune skinny
- so is heidi montag.
- yeah, but nicole richie is not chune skinny, because she looks sick.
- is jessica alba chune skinny?
- yeah, she used to be just skinny, now she is chune skinny, just like mischa barton.
by orch January 23, 2008
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