The shit, every shit, everything around the shit, everything on the shit, the shoes that have stepped in the shit, the shit on the shoes, the smell of the shit, the flies that eat the shit, basically....the shit.
by beeb the destroyer January 31, 2011
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99,9% of men have one testicle larger from the other one. both of chuck norris' testicles are larger.
by Evalyen February 03, 2006
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The way to explain anything,no matter what,with a roundhouse kick.
Chuck Norris was once bitten by a rattle snake in the forest while hunting for Bigfoot.After 2 days of grueling pain,the snake died from a sudden case of the roundhouse kick.
by Thunder Pig March 16, 2012
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the person to be able to kill gods with a roundhouse kick

the only reason why the zombies run towards you in l4d is because they are running away from chuck norris

chuck norris can split atoms with his fists
guy 1 "what will it be sir"
chuck norris "a whiskey"
guy 2 "whiskey is for fa...."
guy 2 dies because of chucks godliness
by chuckchuckchuckchuck184868 January 08, 2010
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