A more intimate version of "Thank you". Used when replying to an appreciated action, compliment, or gesture from someone you often shag. Often used as an indicator that the appreciating agent intends to initiate a good shagging upon the recipient at some unspecified date within the near future.
"Chayne-Chu for bringing dinner to me this evening while I was at work."
by VonDual October 6, 2016
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When a man with a large punishment drapes his manhood against the upper lip of his lover to resemble a Fu-man-chu
"My man gave me a cock-man-chu last night. He's so long!!"
by ScoobaSt3v3 May 4, 2022
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A guy who gives a blowjob to everyone at Ying Wa College in Hong Kong. Aiming at BBA and getting level 5 in all hkdse subjects. He loves flirting with girls through Instagram yet all of his previous girlfriends are prostitutes.
"who is Coolman Chu?"
"oh, that bastard!"
by fuckyourmom19999 December 4, 2021
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It is when a girl flexes her asshole open and a guy blows weed smoke into her asshole. And clenches her asshole tight. While peeing in her vagina then fucking her until she orgasms then having the man's pee and the weed smoke blast out as she orgasms.
by Pendulum dick April 11, 2016
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Asking someone what kind of weed strians he/she gots to sell.
What chu pluggin homie?
by What chu pluggin November 29, 2015
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basically means the same as wuu2, wotcha doing ect. literally, what are you up to?
person a: Wat chu up ta?
person b: doing homework, you?
by AntiChavsHater January 22, 2014
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