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when a girl decides to get a boyfriend in time for christmas. This is so that she isn't lonely over the holiday period and so that she can get extra presents that she would otherwise have to go without. The male in the relationship is so blinded by his luck of having a girlfriend he agrees to buy whatever she requests and even gets a job/second job just to pay for her presents. He is unaware that he will be dumped just days after presents have been exchanged.
nicole: where is my new red dress?
tom: im so sorry, i didn't have enough money!
nicole: what, you cheap bastard! don't u love me?
tom: of corse i do,i got a new job and worked all the overtime i could and i got everything else on the list! isn't £300 of presents enough!
nicole: no! soon as its january your gone. then i'm gonna find a boyfriend with a proper hair cut and more money
tom: nooooooooooo im a christmas boyfriend ! nooooooo
by dario a. l. December 05, 2006
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