Cholo can also be used as a verb under extreme ignorance. and or racism.

1)to be cholo in any way or form.
2)to act like a gangster
3)to appear like a gangster
VERB: HEY! look at those cholo's Cholo-ing through the neighborhood

omg they just cholo'ed that kid's bike!
by cholo-rific chola October 30, 2005
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Declaration of WAR, motherfucker.
Screw all that labeling of people shit.
CHOLO means we kickin' your asses if you cross us.
It's a badass attitude because we own this 'hood.
Check out the original "Assault on Precinct 13"
for some hardcore CHOLO action (hollywood style).

"We CHOLO like Cypress Hill. Fuck the Pigs.
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A short Term For a
South West Cholo
South West Cholos=Cholo
La Primera=Lp
shorter definition instead of saying the whole thing
by Albertomm May 03, 2008
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1. A PEASANT or indian, in a somewhat degrading way because it implies being SIMPLE MINDED( AKA HAVING MENTAL RETARDATION). Can also be used affectionately between friends(AKA FAGGOTS)

2. Also known as a wetback
I want to sound hard so I try to by using cholo that actually means a faggot peasant that is retarded and he gets called a wetback.
by Word Definer June 26, 2007
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Hispanic male with dark sunglasses. Age is after 10 years old. Cholo; Cholos
And around the corner rolled a badass 63 with a bunch of cholos.
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
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The hispanic male/female with indian features that are seen in bicycles around town.. work construction and live and hang out with other cholos
Cholo The guy in the bycicle with the spiked up short hair with the short lady at home with four or six children born in the U.S hoping to get a green card.
by carlos from jersey September 14, 2006
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