In Puerto Rico and the gypsy from Spain call the head(cabeza), ¨chola¨.

En Puerto Rico y los gitanos de España le llaman a la cabeza, chola.

¡Porfavor baja tu chola!
¡Nene que clase de chola!
by julax March 23, 2009
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Honduran slang for one's house/crib.
Quieres ir a mi chola?

Do you want to go to my house/crib?
by APeezy October 09, 2007
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usually latina/hispanic girls that gangbang their "raza" when they should know that by now deep down that their mexican AND american; should consider gangbanging AMERICA might as well; usually wear over the eye eye-liner sharpie on their eye brows lipliner brown/red lipstick permed hair; usually hard to find a hardcore one these days. sometimes refferred to as hynas; they think they can bang/back up a real gang because their going out with their "essay"
Why did the chola get pregnant?
-Because the teacher told her to ride an essay.!
by PimpaliciousKid January 18, 2010
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Differs from country to country
Puerto Rico: Literal translation is head.

Me di un cantazo en la chola!

I bumped my headA
by Xiomar September 10, 2008
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chola means - pink ninja ie: girls that post on the pink ninja forum are all chola's. Chola's are very attractive girls that wear the Victoria's Secret PINK line and are very intelligent and deal savvy.
Wow, look at those cholas, they have really cute PINK clothes!
by kickash August 06, 2007
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the latina hoes that no one likes but cholos. they often hang around in big groups and are easily offended by every thing you say.
Joe: Did your hear about what Trump said yesterday?
Chola #1: He Tupid.
Chola #2: He hella tupid
Chola #3: He hella hates la migras
by Bo Williams July 17, 2016
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