A chocolate man or woman laying spread eagled on a bed and making their partner do all the work.
"Dude, she was a chocolate starfish, worst lay ever."
by SugSugSugar July 25, 2013
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Fisting someones butt hole then pressing your hand on the sheet leaving a shity hand print on the sheet
Last night i left a chocolate starfish for my fuck buddie to find after i fisted her
by IM YOUR BITCH DM June 29, 2017
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when someone does a crap from a great height and the shit splashes out into the shape of a chocolate starfish.
Wow, look at that chocolate starfish Mel Gibson just did on Mexico
by Madd Dogz November 01, 2005
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when ones whole hand enters the anus, the person then proceeds to open their hand and make a starfish shape inside your rectum
i tried the chocolate starfish the other day, i got my fingernails stuck in his bummole.
by ThiccBoiHitler May 13, 2019
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The act of going over to your best friends house and pooping in his fishbowl
Damn daniel dropped a chocolate starfish at timmys party yesterday
by Coffleekid October 19, 2018
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