It often times reffers to the butt-hole. Its shape and color resembles what you would expect to see in a star-fish covered in chocolate. This word originated back in 1847 by a scooba-diver. You could use this word in a work safe manner and it will not occure to anybody that you are being a total Ass Hole.
"Hey, Fredrick... Remember when you ran into my car last week? Yeah, well, after work tonight, I was thinking of maybe shoving a grown man's elbow in your chocolate Star-Fish©"
by Platinum Romeo November 15, 2006
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A chocolate starfish refers to ones Anus. If you were to bend over, and look into a mirror you anus would appear to be in a brown, starfish shape.
d00d i totally fingered my chocolate starfish last night!
by Programmer01 January 06, 2008
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Is a gay euphemistic innuendo to refer to an anus. Usually used in a context where one would like to rim someone. It's metaphorical to the orifice of the human rectum that looks like a star-fish and is darker in color than the rest of the skin.
So, me and David fooled around last night, it wasn't long before I ate his chocolate star-fish... Yum!
by TheZooofRekt July 03, 2014
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