The slightly homosexual nic-name JD gave Turk on Scrubs.
Dont worry chocolate bear, your body is tight
by someguywholikestoeatfood August 3, 2007
the best friend anyone can ever have. he is actually white and soo sexy. body is carved by angels. has a Jew-Fro.
I chocolate bear that ho.
by dan the man0001092 February 23, 2008
A very sexy kinda husky brown dude who just gets chicks like no other
That dude Big Black on Rob and Big is a Chocolate Bear.
by Slamma Jamma March 13, 2008
A nic-name JD gave Turk on Scrubs, it can be formed into the acronym SCB.
J.D.: Oh. Thanks S.C.B. By the way I should tell you something. I found an apartment and I'm moving out the day after tomorrow.
Turk: Wow. What does S.C.B. mean?
J.D.: Super Chocolate Bear.
Turk: I love it.
by Captain Towelman April 28, 2008
A term of affection used to describe somebody that is very affectionate. Usually loved by everyone, nobody can get enough hugs and affection from Vanilla Chocolate Bear. Usually Compatible with a Hucklebear...
I love Vanilla Chocolate Bear, he's the best, i can't live without him!! *usually followed by a hug*
by sheawoulf April 13, 2010
a really, really, really tasty thing to eat.
Sooz: you want a super chocolate bear?
Louisa: *drool*
by sooz_the_great June 7, 2006