A similarism to Alcohol. Both words can be made into addicts by adding ics.
I've seen a lot of Chocoholics but I've never had any Chocohol.
by Fortius September 5, 2008
fictitous substance used to allow someone to indulge themselves with chocolaty goodness
there is no such thing as chocohol
by FoxTrotOnUrMom November 2, 2009
1. A cute, little being who craves chocolates, esp. hershey kisses. Can be found at the Baker House. Also hates programming.
Last, night I found my chocolate stash missing, and my computer smashed to bits, must've been the chocoholic
by JC December 6, 2002
A white woman who will only date or fuck black guys.
Did you see Rachels new boyfriend Jamal, she's such a chocoholic.
by CCorpse August 16, 2010
A Chocoholic is someone who LOVES chocolate and can't stop eating it! aka Azzyland. @Azzyland plz reply to the first three comments to every vid that you make! plz
OMG Azzyland is the prettiest Chocoholic ever!
This is normally defined as someone that is addicted to chocolate and if its in a name of a food you will expect to get something very choclatey.
Bob said to Ben " Do you know anyone that is a chocoholic"
A term created and made popular by people with an IQ below average because the word makes no sense when it contains half of the word Alcoholic in it (and obviously the word Alcoholic is where the term originated from). The correct term would be Choclatic because the word Alcoholic is merely the word 'Alcohol' with 'ic'added on to it Alcohol-ic and thats not how Scientist come up with names for addictions. Choclat-ic would be the correct term (removing the e from chocolate because of grammar)
Random person at Walmart: OMG lol, i m always in the biscuit isle, I'm such a Chocoholic

Other random preson at Walmart: You mean to say that you are a Choclatic!
by spooki9000 March 6, 2017