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an area in southern California; 100 miles east of Los Angeles (basically mexico).
most recognized by Palm Springs, a place that is pretty much a wanna be hollywood.

its dominated by rich old retired people, who drive expensive sports / exotic cars that usually go 10-15 miles below the speed limit.
it is a nice place to visit on the weekends (if you have money). living here is a different story. the youth who live here have absolutely nothing to do but drink, party, get high, have sex, or go to work/school and sleep. "if your born and raised here chances are you will either be a stoner, junky, slut, or a thug" is what many of the local youth say.

weather: summers get as hot as 125 degrees. winter as low as 40 degrees.

police: usually have too much time on their hands and usually harass the youth.

population: 365,002

diversity: 44.70% Non-Hispanic White,

49.90% Hispanic,

1.80% Black/African American,

2.10% Asian/Pacific Islander,

0.40% American Indian and Eskimo,

0.10% from other races,

and 1.10% from two or more races
"so where are you from?"
"the desert....choachella valley"
"im sorry..."
by watahhh760 December 12, 2009
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