A term used in "International Player's Anthem" by UGK featuring Outkast. Andre 3000 states "you know we got yo back like chiropractic", meaning, his friends will always be there for him. He uses the word chiropractic because chiropractors realign people's backs for a living.
Gabriel: I don't think Mr.Hunt will believe that I was sick
Me: Don't worry, you know I got yo back like chiropractic
by Mohinder Suresh November 7, 2007
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What a medical student does when learning to manipulate limbs and joints. Often difficult to accomplish, because nobody wants to be a "guinea pig" and entrust his delicate tendons and ligaments to an eager-but-inexperienced "greenhorn".
My macho buddy wants to try cracking his friends' shoulders and necks for chiropractice... count me out!
by QuacksO October 13, 2014
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