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A required text for a college course that is solely photocopied pages. This may be done by borrowing the required reading from a fellow student, or buying and returning a text for a full refund and photocopying every page to save money. Although this practice is not limited to Chinese or even Asian students, the "chink book" is thought to be invented by Chinese students. Note: "Chink books" are highly frowned upon by snotty rich kids who's parents give them unlimited funds (daddy's money), and other students that realize they weren't smart enough to think of it themselves.
Mike: "Dude, check out John making a chink book at the xerox machine. He must using the money his parents gave him to buy books on beer."

Brian: "Fuck yeah! Party at John's!"

Mike: "Hey John! Watcha doin' tonight? Wanna pound some brews and get shitfaced!?!?"
by sanchito April 14, 2006
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