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1. To achieve a high mark on a test or exam and act upset about it, in hopes of having everyone else think that your standards are remarkably high.
2. To achieve 100% on a test or exam and wait for someone to ask how you did on it so that you can respond with "oh I did OK" and then hide the test in your notebook hoping that the person finds it later on and thinks that you are the most modest person in the world.
3. To ask someone what they got on their test in hopes that they ask you what you got on yours. (This can be combined with 1 and 2)
1. (3 combined with 2)
A - What did you get on your physics?
B - I just barely passed, how did you do?
A - Oh I passed too. (hides test in an easy to find place hoping that B sees it out of the corner of his eye.)
by Simon Lee March 19, 2005
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