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Simply said, ethnic Chinese who lives in Malaysia. Chinese have been living in Malaysia for centuries even way beyond Malacca Sultanate (totally not as what claimed by Malaysia's manipulated Malay-centric history textbook). They are hardworking, smart and far-sighted people who managed to build their own and ultimately Malaysia's economy from scratch as the Malay Muslims can't even achieve shit & only know how to rape, rob, & ride 130cc motorbikes like an asshole.

The Malaysian Chinese are historically allies with Malaysian Indians as both races share same experiences of oppression by the jealous fuck Malay govt. They share the same frustration when:

a.)non-Malay top scorers were rejected from scholarships & university placements while a Malay who flunked exams gets it

b.)when temples and churches are demolished with some lame, racist excuses while mosques are growing like virus (Malay Muslim: be grateful or go back to China/India-lah!!!!)

c.)racist Malay school principals and politicians are spared while peaceful protesters are shot with bullets, tear gas grenades and water gun.

d.)Hindus and some Buddhists would accept beef served right in front of their face while Malay Muslims would start WWIII when they see a glimpse of pork on the menu.

e.)many institutions founded by non-Malays were intentionally seized by Malay authorities and now managed only by Malays (eg: MISC, Maybank)

f.)there's freedom of religion: freedom to convert to Islam but not otherwise
How many Malays does it take to change the light bulb?

Nah, they're too lazy and dumb for that. They'd ask the Indian and Chinese Malaysians to do it then they'll just take all the credit for themselves.
by Pak Su November 28, 2010
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