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A small, moist, yet meaty ball of fecies that fires out of the anus with deadly force. A chinese fireball is typically greasy, about half the size of the average human fist and has deadly accuracy. Typical symptoms include pre-shit bubble farts and a whistling sphincter effect. Approach with caution.
Dave, dude, I thought you had to take a shit. It's only been 40 seconds.

Nah, I just fired out a chinese fireball, clockin' in at about 85 mph.
by William Shakespenis March 13, 2008
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a type of Johnny Cash Ass (burning ring of fire) occurring after consumption of Chinese food.
"hey, you have been in the shitter all day."

"dude, I am suffering from a Chinese fireball since supper last night."

"ahhh, make sure you open a window."
by homerer May 11, 2009
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The Chinese Fireball occurs during the act of a rusty trombone or conventional rimjob. While the trombone player is in the act, the receiver gives a reverse hip check, causing ass cheek to face contact, pushing the givers head back. While this happens the reverse yells "Chinese Fireball", simultaneously reaching for a lighter, and flatulating. He then proceeds to ignite the lighter creating a ball of fire in the giver's face, often causeing singed eyebrows, foul odor in face and battered pride.
Joe- "Dude did you shave your ass?"

Mike- "No, I burnt all the hair off when I gave your mom a chinese fireball the other day."

Joe- "that explains her singed eyebrows, foul face odor, and battered pride."
by Pigeonj December 05, 2007
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