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Somebody who frequently free loads, complains about normal prices, doesn’t participate in events because they don’t want to pay, buys cheap things for other people and indulges on self, asks you for the 26 cents you owe them, requests to speak to manager to get discount, has a very hard time sharing. They are the type that will ask for the bill for only what they ate on a date, and on girls nights out somehow always get out of being the person to call the Uber or buy a round of drinks for the crew.

A person who is defined as a chincey ass hoe probably doesn’t realize that they are a chincey ass hoe.

Being a chincey ass hoe should be embarrassing, and is a frequent symptom in children who suffer from middle child syndrome, especially those who grew up in low income households. These chincey ass hoes were given very little attention as children and had to fight for love. In early adolescence and young adulthood they turn to money for comfort and in turn can’t bare to part with it.

Being a chincey ass hoe is classless af and you should avoid these people like the trailer trash they are.
I went to see the Gilmore concert with Kyle and he asked me to split the 2 dollars we paid for parking. What a chincey ass hoe!

Weird how Shelby somehow always has a dead phone when we need to order the Uber’s. This hoe is chincey.

My chincey ass hoe of a housemate asked me each of our housemates for 1.25 to split on the drains she bought.

Went out to a restaurant and Megan ate a ton of food and ordered 6 martinis and then asked to split the bill evenly and she didn’t tip. I had a salad and water, smh, what a chincey ass hoe.
by Tragicallyjohn March 27, 2018
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