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A liquid that comes in a bottle no bigger than 4 inches, helps chaps last longer in bed after the liquid is put on his knob.
Sam - 'How did it go last night Rick? Did you smash her back doors in or what?'
Rick - 'Bloody nightmare mate, we was watching the Paul O'Grady show and when the adverts came on I made my move.'
Sam - 'Yeh, and?'
Rick - 'I threw my fucking beans up her before the adverts had finished.'
Sam - 'You need some of this, China Brush. I once rumped a bird for 4 and half hours with this stuff on my knob, my brothers knob fell off cos he was rumping for 6 hours straight.'
Rick - 'Sounds promising.'
by James_Dean_007 November 15, 2013
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