A pre-pubescent player of online video games who uses the voice chat functions much to the dismay of older players. Named so because of the relation between the high-pitched squeal of their voice and their balls having not yet dropped, implying that their balls are so high that they are in fact situated upon their chin.

The term originally appeared within the Cybergamer Xbox community, however has spread into the vocabulary of many online gamers.
ahh man I hate playing with that shockz chin, his voice makes me want to hack my ears off and stick a pitchfork through my eardrum.
by ScottEh October 19, 2012
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English slang word for cocaine mostly used in London; possibly for the effects it has on your jaw movements.
'Look at the state of 'im, gotta be on the chin'
by redliner December 26, 2004
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A nickname to someone with the last name Chinnery in Essex.

Or someone who has an overly large chin, like the Crimson Chin.
"What up Chins"
"Hey, Chins!"
"Chins you dirty socialist"
by CrimsonChin April 07, 2008
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A word that is difficult to describe an exact meaning for. Additionally, a word one must develop a knack for when use it.

Loosely speaking, used to feign sympathy towards a person in a mocking manner as an act of banter, after they have described something bad that has happened to them that they have no choice but to just accept and move on (usually due to their own fault or bad luck).

Use of the word tends to divide groups. Some adopt the word and embrace it. Others display visible annoyance at its use, which tends to inadvertently encourage those who embrace it to use it more.
"I missed my bus home"

"I got caught shagging the secretary in the disabled toilets and was fired"

"I fell over on a mountain, broke my ankle and my flight training was delayed by another two months"
via giphy
by effectone December 11, 2019
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The chin is part of the human skull formed by the apex of the lower jaw.
This boy got no chin. HA
by Soposh8r April 02, 2018
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Chin is part of da face. Chin is smooth. If yo chin not smooth. You have a problem.
Kaiya the celebrity has a nice chin”
“Ya it’s smooth af

“Kim Jong Un has a round chin”
by NewsPapperReader February 10, 2018
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chin, an expression that people use for when someone has gone, to far, in a conversation.
A said to B - "Hey what you up to" B says to A - "Nothing, apart from rubbing cream cakes into your mum"... where B is such a chin.
by Chinnerz June 23, 2010
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