Shortend version of "Chin Up"
Person A - Aww I lost Β£30 in the fruit machine

Person B - Chin!!
by Shane Phillips December 11, 2006
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1. The lowermost part of the face
2. a 2010 graduate of Century High School in Santa Ana CA
Chin, you need to find God.
by destrosadordeculosapretados March 30, 2011
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Another name for marijuana, that is very discreet.
"Hey man you wanna go have some chin?"
"Yeah dude, lets get chinned as fuck!"
by Dr.Smeeth October 26, 2012
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what leafy doesn't have
Guy1: You know LeafyIsHere?
Guy2: Yeah?
Guy1: He has no chin!
Guy2: LOL
by MemeLord4063 November 04, 2016
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v. chinned, chinΒ·ning
v. tr.
To hurl excessive quantities of blank-firing grenades into a room before entering.
Named after a CQB (Close Quarter Battle) instructor (Mr. Chin) who, when playing airsoft, excessively uses blank-firing grenades to clear each and every room he encounters to avoid the direct engagement of a target.
by leetabix June 27, 2006
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(british slang): to consume a container of alcohol in such a way that your chin faces the ceiling, resulting in such rapid consumption that breathing is not possible; to chug or pound a drink.
He just chinned a whole pint!
by morethanyoucanshakeastickat August 13, 2006
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