The attitude and proffesion of David Brent, star of "the office"(UK version).
"You'll never get another boss like me, someone who's basically a chilled out entertainer."
by aChilledOutEntertainer July 24, 2005
A phrase used when someone gets a lil too excited or annoying; used when someone else needs to fall back; used when someone just needs to chill
Palla:OMG! I LOVE ur green sgt. pepper coat! let me have it!

EmiLLio: Ayo, chill out donatello. its mine.

Ayo, George, just...just chill out donatello!
by EmiLLio E-town March 31, 2007
when your dab becomes too lit and it needs an icebreaker rasberry flavor
My coach told me to chill out buddy when I dabbed to hard and broke my collarbone.
by Meglan January 19, 2018
A term used when a guy is acting like a deusch,or when a chick is acting like a dude.
Jenny: I'm so muscular!
John: Whoa! Chill out dudematic
by Kyle December 14, 2004
When you chill out more than you did the night before.
Rea: Are you getting on it tonight?
Dave: Nah, just gonna out-chill man!
by Kitler xoxo gossip girl February 7, 2011
to become so calm and relaxed, almost in a state of quiet ecstasy, that anything in your life that makes you say "fuck!" no longer exists
Bob: Erin, what are you doing today?
Erin: I'm going to chill the FUCK out.
by aieuo September 21, 2009