Feeding a female a massive amount of chili and then proceed to have anal sex while she has diahrea.
"Dude Jared gave Mrs. Whitney a chili bowl last night!"

"Bro , I totally gave Robyn Gopaul a CB last night. "
by Mrballsinyourmouth October 16, 2011
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To shit in a girl's mouth and proceed to mouth fuck her.
I met this freak and she wanted me to give her a chili bowl.
by a do October 19, 2007
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The act of perfroming oral sex on a fat girl's anus.
Most of us laughed when Augie mentioned that he wanted to chili bowl the orca behind the Starbucks counter. Only Brad took him seriously. "Bring a snorkel, dude," he said, "You'll need it."
by Janny June 3, 2005
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Shit in a girl's pussy then proceed to eat her out.
i was in the mood for a bowl of chili so i asked my girlfriend if she wanted some chili too. she said yes so i gave her a chili bowl
by The El Tee October 20, 2009
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Similar to the chili-dog, which we all know is when you poop between a girls boobs, place your weiner inside said boobs and thrust. ergo, you have a chili-dog.

A chili-bowl is when someone has funnel chest, thereby creating a small crater in their rib cage. In this instance, you poop down into their cravace and insert your weiner. Thereby creating the chili-bowl, with a weiner to stir.
This new guy at work, lets call him Bick, has funnel-chest. I'm comin' over after work to try out the 'ol chili bowl
by the coolest dude ever March 24, 2009
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"Hey Sean, did you see Andrew Luck throw that chili bowl in the chili bowl the other day?"
by The Chili Bandit January 19, 2012
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