Another word for kid: feels awkward sometimes.
grandma "Hello baby child"
kid "Um" *awkward* "Hi grandma"
by Beauti Kat February 28, 2016
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Things that suck you of life, and sponge up all your money.
Children, and why you shouldn't have them:

Lisa: Hey!, are you going to Chris's get together party this weekend?

Amy: No, sorry, i have to take care of the kids.

Lisa: Ok. Wanna do down to the pub and buy a few drinks/cocktails?

Amy: I would have loved to, but i had to buy the kids new clothes, groceries, and pay the Daycare fees and School tuitions.

Lisa: Oh...
by Erik/Raoul April 09, 2010
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I think you are looking for children,arent you?
Wife:I have many childs!
Husband:its "children,dear."
Wife:No its not you fucktard!
by Someone who isnt really here February 22, 2005
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A term of endearment used by blacks who speak Ebonics or Blackanese.
by Kid Billy January 31, 2004
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A young human. What did you expect, me to diss them for acting their age? Of course not, that's ageist and disrespectful. All they are is our offspring. Dont like em? To bad, ya had sex which is only done for reproduction. So be a help to society and teach your children how to be productive members of society. Cuz its your fault if they grow up being spoiled brats who are dependent on you.
Its hilarious watching Bob's children play
via giphy
by MrMrMemeyGuy August 21, 2017
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