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Also known as "childfree by choice," childfree simply means not wanting children and having no desire to take on the burdon of parenthood. The term "childfree" should not be confused with "childless" as that implies a person or couple who desires children but has none. Unfortunately, childfree people are often accused of being selfish (as if having a child that's just another burden on society somehow ISN'T selfish), or "unnatural."
Going childfree means real freedom.
by Gazuga April 22, 2004
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One who is childless, whatever the circumstances, and loves every minute of it! Childfrees know that one does not need to have a child to feel 'complete', to know love, or to be a good person. Childfrees do not necessarily hate children (some like them, some hate them), but do not wish to be around them 24/7 with no time to themselves, or cannot stand poorly disciplined brats. Childfrees also have more time and money to spend on other, more important pursuits, such as art, learning, travel, charity, and let's not forget picking up the slack for childed coworkers who disappear every time their child/ren have soccer practice...
by Child Hatter May 13, 2003
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Childfree versus childless? First one gives the notion of freedom of choice to be spontaneous, allows for you not go to Chucky Cheese for B-day parties, wake up at any time of the night, go to the endless soccer games. The other one implies you cannot have them because something is wrong with you.
Jenny is childless? No, she is not. She is childfree so she can join us tonight. What about Mary? She cannot come, she is not childfree and it is too short of a notice to arrange for a baby sitter.
by Childfree September 18, 2009
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typically a bunch of sad sack people who hate children but are also obsessed with them. they tend to have a persecution complex which causes them to lash out at children and people with children while insisiting that no one mention their choice not to have children. Not to be confused with normal people who have simply chosen not to have children.
"Mommy, why did that lady kick me?" "I think she's one of those childfree nuts."
by arthy August 09, 2006
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