Someone who likes a certain Cat giving a thumbs up
,,Call me Arkham Chiken, cuz i love cats''
by ArkhamChiken January 22, 2021
1)Colonel Sanders was a slave owner and if your black never eat KFC again; eat Popeyes, Churches, Rasin Cains but not KFC...Death to KFC

2)Black people love that fried chiken
Who dosent love fried chiken?
Tyreal love fried chiken and will smack you with his termendous black penis if you dont.
by anonymous skinny white boy April 18, 2006
Yup thats me, in every way.
I ate fried chicken and stole another niggers TV, unfortunatly, I have no electricity to run it.
by white base55 November 20, 2004
It's a creature that wonder the earth for thousents of years and every full moon he wakes up and take a child i'm to is cave and after five days of horrebol torture kills the boy or girl and eat is flesh
How my Fucking god the Chiken-squirrel-man is raping my chikens.º
by Creepy grendma December 4, 2016
A meaningless threat to use against your son
And the stanimal said im gonna pan your chiken.
by Yeeeyeeeye January 25, 2021