1) A bird
2) A foodstuff
3) A great pet
4) A word with many uses
1) "Dude, look at that chicken."
2) "Dude, let's go eat some chicken."
3) "Dude, you wanna see my pet chicken?"
4) "Dude, chicken chicken, bwaaaak bwuk buuuk!"
by Soiled Undergarment August 11, 2003
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Yeah, my nigga's here *pulls out box of KFC chicken* Yeah, it's me best mate boi.
by Nostrils4dayz December 14, 2016
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A filthy, fat animal. It is not good enough for anything, just struts around squawking. Little girls are often the victims of harassment by chickens. Chickens prefer white outfits, despite the fact that the white shows their plump stomachs. It is best to avoid chickens at all costs!
Girl: "OHMYGOD. This fat chicken has been squawking at me for an hour! When will it realize its too dirty for me to talk to?!"
by chickenandsalamanderhater June 28, 2011
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Dave Chapelle: I was in Mississippi I go to the resturant order some food and i said 2 the guy "i would like 2 have" and before i even finished my sentence he said...

waiter: the chicken

dave chapelle: wtf i can not believe dat shit this man is absolutely right i said how did he kno, that i was gon get sum chicken..i asked him i said "how u kno dat, how u kno i was gon get sum chicken" he looked at me like i was crazy

waiter: come on buddy now everybody knew soon as u walked through the got damn door, u were gonna get sum chicken, it is no secret down here that blacks & chickens are quite fond of one another....LMAO

Dave chapelle: All these years i thought i liked chicken cuz it was delicious, turns out im genetically pre-exposed to likin chicken..i got no say in the matter...lol

by lala1 July 14, 2008
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slang term referring to crystal meth, especially in circumstances when the speaker only wishes to be understood by specific people.
looks like the colonel gave us a pretty small bucket of chicken

Go see the colonel and get some chicken
by littlerudegirl November 17, 2006
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