A game played by crazy teenagers on unsuspecting friends.
Julie: Chicken Or Go?
Amy: Go?
Julie: begins sliding hand up Amy's thigh
Julie: Ha Ha Ha
by AmyLynn November 08, 2006
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Used to describe the taste of any meat that is not normally eaten. Suspiciously, any meat that's like this (Frog meat, for example) tastes like chicken according to most people.
Jim: Have you ever had Snake before?

Joe: Yeah, it tasted like chicken

Jim: Wow, so does Frog and Cat!
by NXD7 February 05, 2011
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A game in which two people of the same sex put their faces closer and closer together until they kiss. The first one to pull away loses. The person who pulls away first can lose even after or during the kiss if they pull away, but possibly not. It depends on the rules you are playing with.
Did you see Ty and David playing chicken yesterday? They so totally liked it!
by ib42billion March 04, 2012
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What everything else tastes like. The bird that terrorizes the Pirates of the Carribean ride at the Disneyworld theme park.
This tastes like chicken.
The chickens are coming after me!!!! ah!!!!!
by Scarlett May 26, 2003
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