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1. The cock of a male chicken. Therefore, the cock of the cock. The rooster's dick and balls.
2. The female chicken's (hen) man bitch.
3. The hermaphrodite of the chicken population. Whereas chicken is commonly thought of as being the female hen. Therefore, if you are a chicken cock, both male and female, you are a hermaphrodite chicken creature. Congratulations.
I went into the back yard, and saw the chicken cock poking into his friend the chicken cock, while this weird chicken cock was standing nearr-by watching.
by Bones, (Mr.) Boswain January 04, 2005
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You get a whole bunch of chickens and put them in a cage. Then you stand around the cage with a whole bunch of guys masturbating, then let the chickens loose and everyone has to chase them around trying to ejaculate onto them. Whoever gets it on the most chickens wins. And the guys that loose has to eat the chickens without washing them.
"Hey, how many chickens did you get in that game of chicken cock"
by Alex Zamani March 21, 2008
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A West Virginian male having some jewish ancestry, having long hair. Also know as "Chubby". In Short Robert Schumacher.
Rob Schumacher is definitely a chicken cock.
by Bryan Henderson January 06, 2005
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