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A phrase that must always be screamed when spoken. It has created a legacy for itself as the most hilarious random phrase to ever be imagined, and upon utterance, evokes hilarity in any situation no matter how solemn or serious. If you don't understand, you never will, it cannot be explained. You either get it or you don't. In fact, the mere act of defining the word is an unforigivable sin. I should be punished for this atrocity against humor. However, I am only writing this to bring the phrase to public attention and spread its fame further. Just know that the phrase must always be taken literally as one chicken jamming its erect penis into another chicken's asshole. Furhtermore, it must always be visualized and visually depicted as two hens committing the act. Now some might say this is biologically impossible and that at least one male rooster must be present to provide the cockadoodle (if you know what I mean), but screw that shit it's funnier this way. It goes agaisnt science goddamn it!
I scream "CHICKEN ANAL!" to my friends all the time when I see em. The girls all stare at us like we have 2 dicks.
by JoeMoe November 27, 2007
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