An absolute pleasure, a beautiful mix of flavor. Tasty white alfredo sauce, juicy chicken, and warm veggies. Ahh...
by Jane's Mary July 27, 2008
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noodles in a white substance assisted by slices of baked or grilled chicken, also called pasta.
guy #1 "what's my chicken in?"

guy#2 "it's in alfredo. it's called chicken alfredo or pasta."
by anberlin mcvey July 19, 2008
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the most awesome food ever, i heart italion food and it is by far the best
"chicken alfredo is rawww as hell folk"
generically made with parmeson chicken linguini and chicken
by jacob the jewler August 03, 2008
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When a man nuts on a girl, and then throws spaghetti and chicken on her face to resemble Chicken Alfredo.
Person 1: Dude I heard you piped that chick last night.
Person 2: Yeah I gave her my Chicken Alfredo
by Comethalean July 20, 2018
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