Shortened version of the common saying, "chicks for free."

Can be used in various situations, and has multiple meanings. Almost like the duct tape of language - it can be used for everything. Similar words: Nice, cool, OK, good work, sounds good to me, sluts, lets get started, awesome.

Other common forms: Chicks ahoy, Chicksadelphia, Chick dandy, C4F
Guy 1 - "Whats going on tonight?
Guy 2 - "I think 727 is having a party"
Guy 1 - "Oh, where's that? Never heard of it..."
Guy 2 - "Don't worry, its chicks"

Guy 1 - " I just picked up some beer. Lets get fucked up"
Guy 2 - "Chicks."

Guy 1 - " Sorry, I accidentally puked on your couch."
Guy 2 - "Eh, don't worry about it, its chicks."

Guy 1 - "She finally let me put it in her but!"
Guy 2- "Chiiiiiiiiiiiicks!"
by C4F November 27, 2011
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A word to describe a hot/good looking gay guy.

Also used as another word for "girl"
"Oh my god! What a chick! Too bad he's gay..."

"Seen any chicks around?"
by Tattu August 19, 2008
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Chick: (noun)

1. A declaration or statement whereby the speaker unintentionally gives his audience the false impression that he is engaged in a comedic parody of an extreme or reactionary belief.

2. Chicking: to speak in a manner which suggests a chick
"When he told me Satan appeared to Adam and Eve as a dinosaur I was sure he was pulling my leg. But he really believed it, so I guess he was actually chicking".
by Gil G. March 23, 2006
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an over-zealous religious person who goes on bubbling about why that and that is wrong and not understanding that everyone thinks he's dumb (even the other believers of his religion)
the religous people you see on the news sometimes behave like a chick
by markie February 01, 2004
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- verb
To chick is to check out a URL by clicking on a link.
Combination of the verbs "check" and "click".
Chick out this sweet link - OMG it is so great!
by zon_1000 November 30, 2009
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The most beautiful girl that you know that you may or may not have a crush on...oh wait you're referring to the animal ?!?
by Wolf Comix July 20, 2015
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A person who is good to look at.
* He ogled the chick. as she walked down the aisle of the bus. *
" Oo..."
by andanotheronelalalala April 27, 2016
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