A girlyish movie,Bring it on,Sydney White,Ella Enchanted,etc.
taylin:Ooh this is my favorite movie let's rent it.

ali:you say that about all chick flicks.
by Chicka Flicka September 16, 2009
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A film in which the plot is centred around a troubled romance between a guy and a girl with the main protagonist being a young girl
Usually funny
For example: Hot Pursuit is not a chick flick as it does not have a romance factor
Dirty Dancing, Grease and Hairspray however are, as they all centre around a young girl trying to find love/romance
by rosco 060800 August 28, 2015
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a movie that a woman watches not for men all girly stuff in the movie/tv show.
Chick flciks are for girls.
by Isaac Laurence July 09, 2003
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