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a major league baseball team who plays their home games at Wrigley Field on the north side of Chicago, Illinois. A few notable facts about the Cubs:
- One of the original National League teams
- Mostly known for their long World Series drought (101+ years)
- The first team to appear in back-to-back World Series (1906-1908)
- The first team to win back to back World Series (1907-1908)
- Biggest rivals are the Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals
- Have played in the same ballpark since 1916, longer than all teams except the Boston Red Sox
- 1st team to win 10 000 games playing in a single city (2nd team to win 10 000 games overall, after the New York/San Francisco Giants)
Fans of Chicago Cubs vs. Fans of Chicago White Sox: Which are better?
- Loyalty: Cubs
- Knowledge: Undecided
- Tradition: Cubs
- History: Cubs
- Sheer numbers: Cubs
- Consistent winners: Sox (i don't know if it's good or bad)
- Die-hard fans: Too close to call; Cubs a slight edge, maybe.
- Fair-weather fans: Sox have more.
- Bandwagon fans: Cubs have too many.
- Passion: Can't call
Overall: The Cubs have the better fan community aside from all of the bandwagon jumpers. That is not to say that Sox fans are not true baseball fans (aside from the whole DH thing, but that's another story).
by jk44 October 22, 2009
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The single-worst Major League Baseball team ever, but with very loyal fans. They are the biggest rival to the Chicago White Sox and play their games at iconic Wrigley Field on Chicago's north side. The team's current Manager is Lou Pinella. The neatest thing about watching the Cubs is not the game or team itself, but seeing the fans watching the game on their rooftops across the street. The curse of the white billy goat has yet to be broken, making the Cubs have unsuccessfull seasons since 1908. The striking difference between Cubs fans and Sox fans is that Cubs fans are extremely loyal and cheer even when they lose; Sox fans are not real fans and only support their team when the win.
The Chicago Cubs--weather you love them or hate them or indifferent--have among the greatest fans in the Major Leagues. The Cubs may suck, but they are hard to hate.
by krock1dk May 23, 2008
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Despite their consistant lack of success, a team that's hard to hate. Sold out every home game for over the past 10 years, and has a reputation for having good pitchers that are constantly hurt. A wonderful team to love with a great stadium, however unsucessful since 1908
Did you hear Kerry Wood of the Chicago Cubs is hurt?

No, but what else is new
by bankok June 19, 2006
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A traditionally unsuccessful team that is hard to hate. The Cubs, lacking a World Series victory since 1908, still consistently have over 39,000 fans attending their games. A large majority of this can be contributed to Chicago's bustling North Side and the conveinent location of Wrigley Field.

Cubs fans are famously known as some of the best in the world. This can directly be discovered by the fact that people of all attend games religiously, no matter win or lose. Unlike Chicago White Sox fans, Cubs fans never quit on their team and will watch games like its the last one they'll ever see.
The Chicago Cubs haven't won since 1908, but they have the greatest fans and the greatest home field in the world.
by Chris Thoms August 07, 2006
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The greatest baseball team in the history of history. Some people currently know them as the 'Lovable Losers' however in November of 2009 this name will no longer be approiate. They are gonig to win the World Series this year and I don't care if you think that a different team will win. I respect your opinion but you are absolutley WRONG. Epic Fail. The Cubs will win 101 games during the regular season and will go on to win the World Series (btw 101 years ago they won their last world series, that is why it will be 101 wins)
Bret: The Chicago Cubs are going to win the world series!!!
John: No they aren't
......November 2009......
John: Hey Bret, I heard the Cubs won the World Series
Bret: Yeah! What now bitch!
by Bret! February 24, 2009
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1. A Major League Baseball team from Chicago, Illinois. (n)
2. A team that has not won the World Series since 1908. (n)
3. A team that blames their misfortunes on a goat. (n)
4. A team that blamed a 2003 Game 6 loss on a fan rather than their manager and players. (n)
5. A team whose fans think that they will win the World Series before the season begins, but loses their thinking after they see their team on the bottom of the division 10 days after the season starts. (n)
6. A team whose fans do not know the game of baseball, but attend games to get intoxicated. (n)
-The Chicago Cubs fans screamed their rallying cry: "maybe next year"
-A Chicago Cubs fan ordered another beer and asked a fellow game attendee what the score was.
by Johan S April 10, 2007
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