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A more chic way of spelling chick lit, which is sappy, pulp fiction written for airheads by manipulative bitches looking to make a quick buck.
Chick lit author: "I want to a buy a big house in Beverley Hills so I'm typing out 10,000 words of cliche dross. I'll run in through my wordprocessor's spell checker / thesaurus / grammar checker, then send it to a vanity publisher and market it as 'chic lit' because that's selling at the moment.
by Spitroaster October 07, 2007
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A demure young lady, who may have the quallites of a savy woman one day, if only she could rise above the station of her present life, in the poedunk town that she presently resides
That babe could be so chiclit if she blew the pop stand where her digs are laid..
by DeVoure77 August 28, 2017
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