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A style of massage used on females breasts and chests. It begins with a gentle rub down of the upper chest, and collar bone. Then continues down to the outer rib cage, and under the arms, AROUND the outer edge of the breasts. From there work your way UNDER the breasts, and push firmly, and up into the lower part of the breast that hangs down when the female is upright. Then proceed to firmly rub the outer perimeter of the breast, where the breast begins to protrude from the chest, with your fingertips, circling around the perimeter. Be sure to give the cleavage some attention, rubbing up and down between the bosoms, and sliding with moderate pressure. Then place your hands firmly on the lower rib cage about 3-5 inches UNDER the bosom, and repeatedly squeeze firmly, and rub the lower rib cage with a fair amount of pressure. Work your way from that to cupping the females bosom in your hands and pushing on them with moderate pressure, being sure NOT to cause discomfort to the woman. When the breast is compressed firmly, proceed to make multiple minute movements with your fingertips, a sort of squeezing motion. This part of the massage should give the woman pleasure, and possible climax. Now return to the edge of the bosom, and begin a circular motion working up the breast with your fingertips gently stroking and rubbing NOT pushing in (the female breast is sensitive, and pushing in with your fingertips may cause the female pain, or aching), until you reach the nipple. When nipple is reached, continue the motion, but on edge of the nipples, or the areola. Then proceed to gently squeeze the nipples between your forefinger and thumb, making a gentle twist motion with the nipple between your fingers. This is the part that will cause the most pleasure in the female. From here you may want to rub some cool water on the nipple, then blow on it. For some women this makes EXTREME pleasure. From the point the massage is complete. You have just done a full chest/breast massage. You can feel free to mix it up with lubricants, or gels for an even more erotic experience.
I gave the cute cheerleader a wink and the next thing I know we are in her bedroom and I am giving her a chest massage
by E Doggy May 06, 2007
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