Commonly used term to reffer to breaking the wall of a womens vagina. (virginity)
"KENNY! Who knew he could get some?"

"what do you fuckin mean?"

"he went out cherry poppin'last night!"

"oh, snap!"
by angietaylormegan October 20, 2008
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V. grinding all of the tobacco out of a cigar/cigarette by using a tool and shoving it up the cigar/cigarette making the tobacco become loose and having it fall out. Then having the cigar/cigarette just how it is without the tobacco making it accessable to load with bud/marijuana/ganja/ etc.
Man, i got that fat swisher. now i just gotta start Cherry Poppin it and get the blaze sesh goin
by Edward Anderson August 24, 2008
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when a male sticks his erection into the females vagina for the first time and she bleeds to like DEATH.
Dayum. When I fucked dat there bitch. I popped her cherry so fucking bad yo. There was blood everywhere. Like all on the walls and shit brah. Now they call me cherry poppin' daddy.
by ShavonTechno November 04, 2006
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A game in which two or more individuals pass a cherry lit pipe around in a clockwise direction. Once the cherry is lit the group passes the pipe until someone lets the cherry go out. That individual is then deemed "Cherry Poppins", and must then proceed to pack the next bowl.
Pack that shit Cherry Poppins!!!
Jerry let the cherry go out. He's a Cherry Poppins legend.
Bro, for the party this weekend make sure you invite a lot of known Cherry Poppins so we can smoke for free!
by CherryPoppins420 August 23, 2015
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