An alcoholic beverage consisting of pure grain-alcohol with maroshino cherrys in it. These are also called mindfucks do to their extremely high proof. If you are under 150 pounds and plan on consuming any other alcoholic beverage skip this drink!
225lb-guy: I just had 3 cherrybombs and I think I'm slipping into an alcohol induced coma.

These cherry bombs are nothing to fuck with!
by Jeff Bollermann August 29, 2005
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The loud gas one gets from eating too many cherries.
Randy needs to lay off the cherries. He just dropped a cherry bomb in the office.
by Cherry-Bomb July 05, 2011
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verb - to remove a used tampon and sling it at someone
Then the band broke their guitars, she stopped singing, pulled out her tampon and flung it into the crowd.. there must a name for that!

Uh... cherry bomb?
by Q-Ray July 08, 2006
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in fact a small and dangerous cherry sized explosive coloured deep pink to red, with a green fuse.

can also refer to a persons attitude when the person gets angry easily and "explodes" in a matter of seconds.
LOL he teased Lisa and she went off like a cherry bomb !
by zombiechomperXD August 26, 2011
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Slang for the common accident that occurs when one's lips are dry or chapped cause a cigarette to get sort of stuck. When the smoker goes to retrieve the cigarette from his mouth his (or her) fingers glide down it (because it is stuck to the bottom lip) until the cherry (the lit part of a cigarette) ends up directly touching between the smokers index and fore fingers.
"I smoked two cigs on my break because I ended up pulling a cherry bomb with the first one and it ruined it for me, so I smoked another one."
by Sonice the Head Hog June 08, 2009
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1. A term for a firecracker.
2. In marbles, a way of scamming the other player by calling "Cherry Bombs" and dropping your marble on top of his.
3. A virgin shoving her open vagina in someone's face.
1. Someone cherry-bombed the toilets again!
2. Debbie cheated me out of a marble by calling "Cherry Bombs"!!.
3. OMG Sherry gave Bobby a Cherry Bomb!!!
by thedzone May 02, 2010
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