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a term used to describe the inside of an infected bleeding anus
with a dirty condom stuck inside.
i went to have sex with your girlfriend after you, but she had a chelsea clinton, which made it harder to finish.
by the rusty helmet January 31, 2012
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daughter of bill and hilary clinton - a once really akward girl with frizzy hair. But now she is really pretty...haha
Bob: "hey did you see that akward girl at clinton's inauguration"
Sally: you mean chelsea clinton ew? but now she is really pretty!"
Bob: "mmm...i wonder if she is interested..."
by A.P. for P. 2020 January 25, 2009
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When you are so incredibly ugly as a child/adolescent, you are hailed as beautiful for having average looks as an adult.
Randomperson1: OMG! Remember when the Smith's daughter was a complete troll?
Randomperson2: Yes she is stunningly attractive these days!
Randomperson3: Argh, she is jus tsuffering from Chelsea Clinton Syndrome...
by Furious__Styles February 17, 2010
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