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Back in the time of the old west. A man named Cody, who has such a low self esteem that he has to feed everyone full of shit so he can feel better about himself for "knowing" things that no one cares about. also he has such a small dick that every girls he has ever fucked had the fresh smell of tic tac surrounding her. the rest of the tribe named him man who lays in bed with to many small children. He was the son of cheif hunts with cock and he had big shoes to fill. One day he got sick of the ridicule from the other indians so he started a plot to kill his father and become cheif so he could make the people pay. He planned to poison his father but when it came time he mixed up the poison with some herbal inhansers to make the testicules of a man bigger and stronger.The next day cheif hunts with cock woke up with a massive erection and declaired,"i will now go to the land of vegas and make a motion picture with myself in the nude!" Before leaving he made man who lays in bed with to many small children cheif and changed his name to Cheif little dick.
Damn he pulled a cheif little dick by raping that cat

i have a massive boner unlike cheif little dick
by Man who runs with bitches January 11, 2012
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