A freakin' tasty desert. I could go for one right now...
Damn, that was one freakin' tasty cheesecake.
by Zach G. October 27, 2003
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When a person or group of people ejaculate or cum on a person’s (typically mans) ass. Hence the ass is the cake and the cum is the cheese. Isn’t necessarily gay but very easily can be when not done right.
Billy: Hey Steve, yo ass about to be cheesecaked bro!
Greg: Yeah we finna eat it afterwards!
Steve: Greg what?
Billy: Greg get the fuck outta here with that gay shit, we gonna just make the cheesecake, not eat it.
by Insert here November 21, 2018
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Popular southern expression for cocaine used predominately in text messages to avoid suspicion from partners or authorities
Damn it, would LOVE a slice of cheesecake right now

Hey, how much for half a cheesecake?
by Hastings Pip January 24, 2019
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A cheese cake is a term used for people who are rich and white. This is because cheesecakes are rich (thick / heavy) and (for the most part) white. The first recorded use was during an ERB rap battle where “so rich and white it’s like I’m running against a cheesecake” was said. Someone who is a cheesecake is often posh and will show off their riches but this isn’t always the case.
I saw some cheesecake driving her car yesterday.

Stop being such a cheesecake, it’s annoying.

Some old cheesecake lives in that house.
by Annonnimoos December 11, 2017
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when someone jizzes in someones sandals then hides them in the freezer. Then later slides out the frozen jizz, thus making the cheese cake.
This cheese cake looks a bit white
by david bighairy June 14, 2011
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(v) - to cheesecake; term used when recieving oral sex from a girl -- when jizzing all over her face, punch (or kick) her in the nose; usually results in a cheese cake, looking substance; an obscure form of gothic sex
goth1: "hey stop fandangling with my dog and get on your knees, you're gonna get cheese caked!"
goth2: "but dude I'm a guy..."
by The Jay Factor May 05, 2006
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when you have the lil smile :) and the lil smile :) is very contagious and makes me smile
person 1: :)
person 2: you fucking cheesecake
by bodlen maker June 24, 2019
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