1. A dessert pie with filling made from soft cheese such as ricotta, Philadelphia or farmer's cheese. Usually flavored with lemon or vanilla, baked without top crust and often topped with berries or cherries. (Technically a pie, not a cake, since it is unleavened and contains little or no flour)

2a. A genre of glamour photography and poster art made popular in wartime pin-ups of the 1940's & -50's, featuring modest poses by models and entertainers, displaying lots of leg but little explicit nudity. So called because of the resemblance of a stocking-clad female thigh to the layers of a cheesecake pie.

2b. (Hence) Any product or act of producing (i.e., posing, modeling or shooting) glamour photography or softcore porn.

2c. Any bare female flesh (particularly legs and not of breasts or pubic area) exposed for the purpose of sexual teasing or enticement.

3. (From above) Anything soft, sweet and enjoyable.
That brunette in the front row has been flashing cheesecake to the professor since she got that C on the last exam.

They call this work? Thanks for telling me about this cheesecake gig.
by Mac Person July 11, 2006
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  • cheesecake.men
Occurs in a men's locker room, the victim is bent over, tying their shoe or something when another male sticks his bare ass in his face and farts.
Damn yo, you got cheese caked before gym everyday this week.
by markus June 26, 2004
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An extremely enticing kind of cake. It is wonderful in everyway, it's fun to shout out at a loud volume, because it pisses people off. It also involves cheese.
'Wow, dude, this cheescake tastes lovely!'

by Amy Buckland June 18, 2005
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Cheesecake is the slang that mean someone snitched on you or throw you under the bus right in front of you.

The history of the slang "Cheesecake" came about when this kid snitched on me in school and when I got caught and scolded by the professor he was looking onwards while eating Cheesecake
Example 1:
Friend#1 is walking down the street with his girl and meets Friend#2
Friend#2 says "Hey whats up Friend#1? Is new your main girl? This is not the same girl you introduced me to at the party is it?"

Example 2:
I was out with my girl and Friend#2 Cheesecake me by telling her that she wasn't the one I introduced him to... Why he gotta Cheesecake me like that for?

Example 3:
Incorporate someones name
Your boy Justin Cheesecake had the nerve to ask me in front of my side chick is she my main girl
by JustinCheesecake July 09, 2013
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When a male ejaculates on a womans face and then proceeds to headbutt the woman , resulting in her nose breaking and blood and semen to cover her entire face.
Girl 1: So did you have sex with cornelius last night?

Girl 2: No , he cheesecaked me and then threw me into the river.

by blaine Xtremius February 03, 2011
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The call sign for hefty lumpy headed Puerto Ricans.
Hey who is Cheese Cake.....Oh its that fat lump headed Puerto Rican Guy over there...
by Cairo10-11 February 01, 2011
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