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one whose favorite snack is cheese and would do anything for a cube of cheddar
Celeste is on her fifth string cheese. She is such a cheese whore.
by PixieVixen April 08, 2009
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someone who leaves you on msn to go grate cheese.
Kathleen: gtg
Kathleen: im going to go grate some cheese
Lauzzz: :O
by lauzz May 16, 2007
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1. A socialite who attends fancy parties for the sole purpose of eating cheese.
2. A socialite who attends parties for the purpose of picking up rich men and eating fancy cheeses.
3. A fat pregnant woman who has big milk tits
What's this party coming to? All these damn cheese whores and I can't find a slice of Brie!
Man look at that hot preggers girl, I would f*** her so hard that cheese whore would make me some damn cheese!
Cheese whores always coming in wanting cheese and picking up on rich guys.
by DeathFromBelow December 31, 2011
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