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The wax paper that cheeseburgers come in. Called so from the cheese remnants stuck to the paper. Often a delicacy.
Dude, you going to eat your cheese paper?
by Matthew Green January 21, 2005
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When you hook up with a friends leftovers. IE: x-girlfriends, one night stands, etc

Derived from the Carl's JR commercial depicting a man asking another man if he was going to eat the cheese off the paper that covered his burger.
RJ totally went for Rob's cheese paper again. Not Cool, bag your own bitches RJ!
by Becktronic January 20, 2009
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Another term for panty liners, specifically those worn during the course of a yeast infection. Other causes of cheese paper may include the following: ovulation, vaginal leakage/discharge, male deposits and poor hygiene.
Upon spying her cheese paper, Otis threw down his monster burger and queasily evacuated both her dwelling and his bowels.
by The Internal Alchemist August 23, 2008
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